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    August 07, 2010


    Anne Moore, Princeton, Mass.

    Dear Bill,
    Your video gives a good picture of that model operation in Tenants Harbor - it's such a pleasure to go there, and one of the best things about it
    is the enthusiasm of all the staff, their unfailing friendliness and cheerful helpfulness. Let us know the reaction of the Williamstown
    officials to the St. George example. 


    RECYCLE would be spectacular! I moved to Williamstown from another city and have developed a very strong habit of recycling and I am in a great deal of pain whenever I have to throw a piece of cardboard or any other item that can be recycled in the trash. This would be very exciting!

    Jessica Dills / Williamstown

    I would definitely support a push to make something like this happen in Williamstown. Ever since the recycling regulations changed in town, I am bothered
    on a daily basis by those materials that are now being trashed instead of recycled. I collected yogurt containers in my garage for a long time hoping to
    find a place that might take them, but haven't heard of a solution. It seems to me Williamstown moved backward instead of forwards in this regard, and now at a time when it is more important than ever to GO GREEN, we need to find a better system.

    Thanks for your report -- maybe the selectmen would be interested?

    Paula Consolini / Williamstown

    Brilliant, Bill! This makes perfect sense for Williamstown. Has Peter Fohlin seen this?

    Maribeth Pomerantz / Williamstown

    Very interesting, Bill. The video is helpful in seeing what this is all about. I like the idea.
    My question is - if everyone starts doing this, what happens to the market for recyclables? Would there become a glut in the market?

    Dean Crawford / Williamstown

    Thanks, Bill!
    This is good reporting and a truly valuable public service.

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