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    April 21, 2005



    That's great! Is there a map of where the proposed trail would be?

    Tad Ames

    Great news. One doesn't necessarily think of a 10-foot paved trail as being "natural," but the anecdotal evidence is that the Ashuwillticook Trail has been a "gateway" experience to the great outdoors, encouraging people to get outside, maybe even try other, less-built trails. In the process, we hope that these trails lead more folks to appreciate the landscape, and value of preserving it.


    The Ashuwillticook Bike Trail is one of the best resources in Berkshire County! We try to go there at least once a week in season (our season begins as soon as the snow melts and ends when our hands just get to darned cold for biking!)to enjoy the stunning beauty of the Berkshire Hills. The town of Adams is a delight with friendly shopkeepers, great ice cream, and lots of dogs walking families! Cheshire Lake, just beyond the causeway, can shimmer with diamonds of light on a hot summer day. And the physical benefits to hikers, bikers, skaters and walkers doing their thing in safety can't be underestimated. To have this extended from Adams to Williamstown would be a fantastic tourist attraction. One word of advice from my better half though --- drop the 'Rail Trail' moniker. Many out-of-towners are looking for a train!

    Margie Ware

    This is exciting news. I think if one talks to people in Adams, Cheshire and Lanesboro, they'll find that the residents there are VERY happy with the bike trail. The people who walk and bike are friendly, courteous and pick up after themselves. It adds to property values. Elders love the availability of a safe, flat walking surface.

    Keep us posted!

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