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    April 29, 2006


    Greg Roach

    But socialists who studied the phenomenon last year said that patrons at a farmer's market have 10 times more conversations than they do during a typical supermarket visit.

    Did you mean sociologists? Although, there are certainly those AM radio listeners who would agree with what is currently written.

    (NOTE -- I corrected this typo -- yes, I meant sociologists. -- bill densmore)

    That said, the "local" movement is a great notion, but I have yet to see a convincing economic argument that consumers are willing to return to the days when household food budgets were as large as the monthly rent/mortgage. My family participates in Caretaker Farm and I buy what I can locally (almost exclusively during summer) for the restaurant, but the fact is, I need to buy fresh tomatoes in January. They might not taste as good as those grown locally, let alone have the same macro-environmental footprint, however, the American consumer wants the "T" on their "BLT", be it winter, spring, summer or fall.

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