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    May 06, 2010


    Bill Densmore

    I have replied to Mr. Filson as follows:

    Thanks for your prompt reply to:

    There is nothing in my request that constitutes personnel information. I have asked only for records related to a decision to make a payment to a person
    who, at the time of the payment, on information and belief, was not an employee of the school, thus no personnel records would be involved.

    Also, the jist of the request is for records of a payment of taxpayer funds pursuant to an agreement. Other than the "black budget" of the Pentagon (and
    I wonder about that, too), I think it would be unprecedented and gravely contrary to public policy to suggest that there is any basis to shield **any**
    use of state or municipal taxpayer funds from public view and scrutiny.

    To infer that the payment of public money to a person somehow raises privacy issues, and to suggest that might override the public's interest in knowing
    how its money is spent, could open the door to all kinds of misuse of funds. Indeed, openness and transparency is what is most likely to guard against
    misuse of funds, and that is what is called for here.

    In order to avoid an appeal to the district attorney or the state Supervisor of Public Documents, please advise what records you propose to redact, if

    -- bill densmore

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