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    May 11, 2016



    Interesting analysis, but one piece you have left out is the height restriction, which limits the Waubeeka Country Inn to no more than 3 stories and no more than 40ft.

    Something else to consider for the acreage-controlled draft:
    Waubeeka's current pro shop, restaurant, and parking take up about 2 acres. Assuming that would remain fairly constant, it leaves another 8 acres to work with for the "Country Inn". That's approximately the size of the current driving range. As a comparison, the Williams Inn uses 3-4 acres. Berkshire Mountain Lodge is closer to 6. (FWIW - The Clark appears to be about 20 acres.)

    Truth is that Mr. Deep wants as big a blank check as he can finagle from the town, because it's as likely that he will turn around and sell the whole place as it is that he'll actually build any kind of "Country Inn".

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