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July 08, 2006


Josh Wilson

Clarification on my comment about "crusty elders paid too much to say what they felt" ... by which I mean: Newspaper executives are not paid handsomely so that they can speak publicly about problems with their business model. Quite the contrary. Their job is to implement and defend that model. After they retire, however, they seem to find religion, and are more willing to critically address the challenges of running a for-profit news outlet. I suppose that's a bit of a generalization ...

Benjamin Melançon

And listeners to Free Speech Radio News!

Benjamin Melançon

And Steve Anderson's also!

Benjamin Melançon

We learned that a lot of cool people are doing a lot of cool things, and we learned Bill Densmore is an incredible, self-less organizer.

I hope everyone will become regular readers and supporters of:

the NewStandard -
Narco News Bulletin -
Black Commentator -

and most of all their local independent news source or citizen journalism blog-- and that if they don't have one, they start their own! My web design collective can provide internet space and community reporting web sites for low or no cost. Contact us at

And I hope other programmers, web developers, and concerned human beings can help People Who Give a Damn - - create the infrastructure of a wholly democratic media and action network.

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