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May 13, 2005



We could make a significant impact by cancelling all those subscriptions but the coup de grace would be having an alternative source that everyone could switch to, so that the broadcasters are clear about the rejection of their fare and the economic support of that alternative resource.

We stopped watching network news after Bush was "crowned" king by the Supreme Court. We looked forward to Bill Moyers until he "retired". NOW, thanks to the Philistine in charge of PBS programming, is struggling to walk an invisible line drawn in the sand and has lost its depth. The computer provides news and an opportunity to talk to diverse people but the poor and disaffected don't necessarily have a computer or know how to access online resources. People need leaders to help them understand that they are not alone. Liberal churches, book discussion groups, the Saturday and Sunday morning coffee shop get-togethers that provide a place for intelligent otherwise strangers, to analyze the events of the week and brainstorm solutions, are all places where the "revolution" is underway. These are all resources to be tapped for the type of movement under discussion.

Jim P

• The media-as-is exists for the sole purpose securing the power of those now in charge.

• The media completely excludes the public from any real say in content.

• Our purchases and subscriptions subsidize the media.

• Boycott, boycott, boycott. 40 million cable-users. If 1 million cancel that's $50/mo. for 12 months = $600 million lost revenue for cable in one year. If 3 million cancel, that's near $2 billion.

We don't have much time to completely rearrange the media.If we don't have things in place by 2006, we are done for, in my opinion. We've got to hit them where it hurts--their wallet. Force sell-offs and breakdowns. Every other thing you might want to do depends on quickly undercutting what is.

Jim P

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