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May 08, 2010


Danny L. McDaniel

I don't like to confuse journalism with information. Journalism is after all, or should be, a collaborative process of people pulling together accurate information into a story for public consumption.

The main direction of journalism, especially since the advent of the 24-hour newscycle, is that it has returned to the partisan nature that the profession reflected a century. For example, much has been written, photographed, and broadcasted about the latest Supreme Court Justice nominee, the current Solicitor General Kagan. Americans know that she is 5'3" in height, plays softball, likes poker, and was the dean of Harvards' Law School. Very little has been reported about her lack of trial experience, judicial philosophy or temperament. What is lacking is content in this story. The Government now custom makes the news (fluff) that is to be reported. Public relations has taken the place of hard core reporting.

American has rediscovered its great ideological divide the past 20 years and the state of journallism and the taste of American news consumers prove it. Americans can now find a news medium or outlet that will shape the world in the way they want to see it.

Danny L. McDaniel
Lafayette, Indiana

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